What is transformational coaching?

As a transformational coach I facilitate a process that supports you to reach your desired goals and fulfil your potential. My job is to focus on you and your unique talents. I help you explore and identify what outcomes you want to achieve in the future. This is a relationship that is free from any judgement or comparison to anyone. It puts YOU at the centre. As coach and client, we develop an equal working partnership usually for a set period of time to facilitate the journey. I help you navigate the process of working towards your desired outcomes and break into manageable steps with the aim of graudally moving you out of your comfort zone and into the learning and growth zones. Usually, there is some resistance and barriers but this is where I support and guide you towards creating effective, sustainable change. Block usually appear in the form of an internal critical voice, this voice is to prevent us from embarrassment or putting ourselves into vulnerable situations but this can also stop the authentic voice coming through. Ultimately, this creates what we call 'limiting beliefs' and can stop you from reaching your full potential. We work together so you become aware of the internal critical voice and show you that you have a conscious choice to create change and that I assist you to trust, listen to your authentic self and let go. At the heart of it, I know that you have the power to achieve your potential, my job as a coach is to help you find this out for yourself.

What is Reiki?

Reiki literally translates into universal life force energy. It is a form of holistic energy healing that originated in Japan in the 1920's by its founder, Mikao Usui. Reiki can be conducted hands on, in person or hands off through distanct healing. Reiki is amazing for helping you to tune into your body, it can help on an emotional, physical and mental level. A reiki practioner is trained to tune into the universal life force energy and channel it to the recipient. During a treatment you may feel various sensations. Hot/cold, tingling, vibrations or see some vivid colours or images in your mind. This is perfectly normal and everybody responds to the healing in their own way. Most people feel deeply relaxed after a treatment. Reiki is a wonderful way to help you release and balance yourself in times of stress or ill health and it can provide a boost of energy and connection to higher vibrations.

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How does it work?

For Individuals:

I offer a free no obligation 30 minute discovery call where we can connect and find out if I am the right coach for you.

Moving forward, you can book an allocated time slot convenient to you. Weekly power session are £65 for 1 hour and are conducted via zoom, of course these are confidential. Each session has an action plan, you will get homework and be supported in between sessions. I will help you clarify your goals and aspirations, we will then come up with strategies that will push you forward to success.

I will support you on your journey of discovery, realise your strengths and explore your potential.

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