I have designed my coaching around the principles of Curiosity, Clarity and Change


First I want to get curious about you

  • Releasing blocks
  • How to achieve what you most want to attract and experience in your life
  • Increase your self-belief, live in alignment and raise your self esteem
  • The importance of creating a positive mind set
  • Understand your subconscious mind
  • What is your why?
  • Creating a route map to success
  • Diching self-sabotage and unhelpful limiting beliefs.


Develop clarity in your life

  • How to ensure you stay true to yourself in any situation
  • Do you let the green eyed monster hold you back?
  • Release judgement and learn self-compassion
  • Discover your authentic self
  • Create the life of your own creation
  • Keep your promises to yourself
  • Develop rituals for change.


Set in motion effective change

  • Step into your power and embrace confidence
  • Tracking for clarity and aligned action
  • Finding the wonder in everyday to inspire you
  • Creating effective boundaries
  • Focus for success


As a marketing professional/trainer with experience in a variety of sectors, I can offer in person/online sessions which can be tailored to the business requirements. Examples of previous sessions are:

  • Putting the why back into your marketing plan
  • Building resilience for success
  • Focus and empowerment for optimum productivity
  • How to put your best foot forward everyday
  • Developing a rapport and confidence
  • Setting personal values for authenticity.

I offer an holistic, people centered approach. Workplace well-being has a host of benefits, such as:

  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease absence
  • Increase staff retention
  • Increase employee emotional well-being.

  • If you are interested in incorporating workplace well-being sessions, get in touch and let's talk!

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I work with holistic practitioners (i.e. yoga and meditation), offering workshops at well-being days and retreats. I combine coaching with reiki to offer a holistic approach to aid self-discovery and healing. This compliments sessions of yoga and mindfulness which encourages a deep dive into the inner self.

Examples to explore:

  • Connecting to your higher self
  • The power of gratitude
  • Living an authentic life
  • Positive affirmations for manifestations.

Topics can be designed to suit the style and clientele of the workshop/retreat.

Make Up Workshops

I am also a qualified makeup artist with over 15 years experience, for an inside out transformation I can offer makeup workshops which also bring in practical coaching principles. These are a lot of fun and always get the group to connect in a light hearted way.

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