My time with Shelly started a wonderful new chapter for me; I finally became more aligned with myself. I learnt that I have everything at my disposal to live the life that makes me happy. Everyone should take the time to look at what they wnat from their life

- Jason

Shelly was recommended to me by a mutual friend in August 2019. At the time I was out of work and emotionally bankrupt. On my first session I was quite sceptical as I'd never tried coaching before and was wondering if it would work. What I liked about Shelly is her intuition and how she incorporates a number of modalities in her work. There is a real structure to her sessions, we began with her asking what I wanted to get from the sessions. She listened and guided me to look at what was coming up for me and the struggles I faced with not having a job. We did some further exercsies and by the end of the first session I felt confident, purposeful and focused. I secured an interview that very week and was over the moon to report back that I was offered the job. What an outcome from our first session.

After each session Shelly set action steps to help me work towards my goals. Completing these created a real shift in the areas of my life I wanted to have a breakthrough in. It got me to focus and look at what made me feel stuck. Shelly is easy to talk to, nuturing and intuitive. From my sessions, I have developed a toolbox of techniques that I can apply when dealing with adversity in my life.

I would definitely recommend Shelly, I am now empowered to deal with life's challenges.

- Parminder

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