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What is Reiki?

Reiki has been given to me as a gift. For me it symbolises hope, truth and love of all living things. These are qualities that we all have within us. Reiki just helps us rediscover these gifts and share them with the world. Personally, I have been on a journey seeking something to fill a space in my soul. It sounds cliche and generally how every person that embarks on a spiritual journey feels, is that there is something lacking in their life.

I had learned reiki 1 previously and felt a connection to it but didn’t incorporate it into my life at that time. Serendipitously reiki found its way back to me and the journey has been tumultuous, exhilarating, scary and enlightening. Those that believe that true healing is sitting in a darkened room with incense and peaceful feelings washing over you have probably never encountered any form of it. Reiki ultimately makes you face your demons; it forces you to hold that mirror up to yourself and question. It brings up parts of yourself that you didn’t even remember you had, it also cultivates empathy, compassion and connection. It can also make you have so many ‘aha’ moments that can take your breath away.

Since starting the reiki journey I have learned so much about myself. I now know to reflect and look at the purpose of the experiences that come into life. What can I learn from these? What can I do better? How can I be the best version of myself? This is all from the guidance from my teacher. I had been asking the universe for that person and lamenting that they were nowhere to be found. Trust the divine timing! I now have the privilege of calling my teacher a friend which I have so much gratitude for.

I have been fortunate to be able to offer reiki to people that have been open to receive it. I conducted a 30 day healing for a friend. It was a very interesting learning process for me as I did not know what to expect. I was surprised that I was able to tune into her feelings and focus on issues that were causing her emotional distress at the time. I also felt various sensations; heat, tingling, buzzing noises and could really feel the energy around me. There were often times where I felt like I was channelling and provided snippets of guidance. This was a great surprise to me. Subsequently, my friend has expressed that the reiki helped her cope at a very difficult time but also made her confront issues. A few months later, she is much lighter and has a more positive outlook.

I have also done some healing for my mother. She has many ailments including rheumatiod arthritis and multiple sclerosis. My main intention for the healing was to help her deal with her chronic pain and also to ease an infection she had. As we know reiki does not just focus on the physical aspects, whilst healing her chakras I felt a lot of blocked emotion and have communicated that to her in an effort to encourage her to acknowledge it’s presence. In a separate healing session, I picked up on a childhood trauma. I could feel the heavy, sticky, dark emotion related to this in the lower chakras and this resulted in being very overwhelming for me. Once again I have discussed this with my mum. I am happy to say that as a result of some healing, there are moments when her pain has eased and she has felt lighter. She is now enjoying meditating which she didn’t really do before and is open to learning reiki 1.

For me reiki is now a habit, something that I turn to daily to soothe, comfort, heal, protect, uplift, diffuse, empower and light up. I have so much gratitude for being given this wonderful technique that I use for myself and to offer healing to others.

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