My Story

My journey towards coaching has been somewhat serendipitous. However, there was an 'aha' moment when I actually decided to pursue it. I am a marketing graduate with a variety of job roles spanning the digital and educational landscape. This has been interspersed with a career break where I focused on bringing up my family whilst working freelance as a professional make-up artist. Variety is the spice of life is a phrase I live and breathe!

Over two decades ago I stumbled upon a book called:The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. This opened my mind to concepts such as synchronicity and spiritual awakening. At the time as interesting as it sounded my young, rational mind deduced it to fantasy and I got on with life. It took many years for me to embrace these concepts when facing my own life challenges grief, loss, heartbreak - we have all been there. A turning point came when I decided to learn how to meditate. I started to form a relationship with myself as somewhere along the way I had become disconnected from my authentic self. This is a daily practice which I am so grateful for.

Almost two years ago I quit my job. After unsuccessfully trying to build a relationship with a difficult and unreasonable manager and no support from the organisation, I resigned, all without a plan. I didn't realise the toll this had taken on my confidence and self-belief. I completely felt like I had lost my zest for life when it came to my career. I couldn't understand why I wasn't able to just bounce back but healing takes time and after some soul searching I realised that I had completely undervalued myself by putting myself in that job in the first place and in fact the universe had to push me hard for me to realise this. During my period of introspection and whilst doing some deep inner work I found that getting the best out of people, learning and training motivates me and I feel that this is how I can serve and do something with purpose. I had always thought that coaching was something that sounded interesting but I didn't really know what it meant, it was just a vague concept in my mind. Synchronistically, a friend was working with a coach and I could see the transformations taking place in her life. I was in awe at the strides she was taking in her life. Coaching found me in the end and even though fear was telling me that this could just be a wild goose chase my intuition said that it was the way to go. I also had a revelation! To my horrible boss, I say thank you! I would have still been there trying to make it work if it hadn't been for her behaviour, so I forgive her and now realise that the universe sent her as an angel in disguise to force me into action.

I am truly passionate about personal development. My own and yours! Books, podcasts, seminars, these are the things that excite me. It is with this passion that I decided to formally qualify as a coach. I can honestly say that the fulfillment that I receive from helping people on their journey always gives me joy. This is why I do this work, it is from the heart. I am always the optimist and will be your ultimate cheerleader. If any of this resonates with you, get in touch and let's talk, it could be the start of a new journey for you.

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